Pizzagate/Pedogate/Podesta Emails For Beginners

Hey guys. So this is something I simply started getting into and I’d like to investigate it more. I watched a few videos and did my own research but I’d like to find more I can check out.

I’m looking for unbiased facts, I don’t want any liberal or any conservative bullshit. I’m not really looking for shit that could be a coincidence either or stuff like “oh all the places around there have pedo symbols” I like cold hard information , not speculation.

I already know about like the code words and shit like that, but this is a huge rabbit hole I’m ready to go down.

I’d like to check out some persuading emails from the Podesta leak if you guys could connect me to that as well.

But yeah any info/ articles/ videos you guys have would be greatly appreciated

Edit: Maintain the downvotes coming people, you can’t bury this topic

Edit 2: Was at nine outvotes now I’m down to zero, keep it up shills

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