Just some of the things I've learnt and want to share with you all in these crazy times.

Greetings from The Netherlands. Before I start, please know that I truly wishes to receive all the best and hope that in the near future you’ll get your country& government to work as they should, to the benefit of all people, and not only certain groups. This isn’t some empty criticism or the blame-game or something of that nature. I became intrigued with geopolitics and covert power-structures and other hidden things after 9/11, and have been closely following and researching major global and US events ever since 2003 -2 004. The following fall under that narrative and I am writing it because I wish to be a voice of( some) reason in a ocean of BS, although I don’t claim that all efforts I say is is the perfect& absolute truth, but I do want to say that most of it, the gist of it, can be easily confirmed if you try, while some can prove a lot harder.

So to me, it seems that the gloves are coming off and the covert police-state is becoming more and more visible to a broader segment of the population. The people running the indicate( who pay your politicians, who own and money your media, who have vested interest in the military-i-complex and elsewhere) are apparently pushing for major domestic and international escalations. In the case of the US, it can entail different things, one of which being civil war in the US. The conditions seem ripe with the general population ready to burst with their displeasure at how the country has been pushed to social, economical/ infrastructure and military exhaustion( next stop: moral exhaustion which will result in “okay, dedicate us a police state if it entails this shit will stop” ). The police shootings& great divides being created between black/ white/ muslim/ policeman/ rich would certainly serve an agenda that seeks to bring( their) control through chaos.

To the outside world, in regard to US foreign policy, most significantly the word “nuclear” seems to be the key word when it comes to the North-Korea showdown between the US and China, which is equally, if not more suicidal than pushing for civil war to justify a more “security”-oriented nation( fascism ). Pres. Obama was very hesitant about a serious escalation with Russia or Iran, although he had his problems with them. But Trump seems to resist threatening to deploy nukes much less as become clear by his recent danger to NK. Before Trump got elected, he repeatedly asked a pentagon officer “why” it’s a bad notion to use tactical( smaller) nukes in Syria& Iran and elsewhere, as if he was preoccupied. This is a big part of the reason why i’m writing this because Trump seems hellbent on nuclear war and it’s highly doubtful that other nuclear powers won’t react in kind if their friend is reduced to glass& ash. Afterall, Russia knows it is next after Syria& Iran and China knows that it is next after North-Korea. They will respond.

To be perfectly clear, if nukes are launched by any nation, there is a great prospect that it will result in a cascade effect of retaliatory ten-strikes which could very quickly intensify to the 6th great extinction event that Earth has suffered over the aeons. Tens of thousands of warheads operating off all over countries around the world. It is no joke whenever a leader of a nuclear power nations he’s considering the nuclear option.

I know that you people across the Atlantic are bombarded with unbelievable sums of irrelevant bullshit( a bit more than most of the world ), everywhere in the media, and therefore sometimes tend to forget the importance of actually relevant events that happened. When everything is hyped up so much in the media( from beyonce b to athletics bs to more celeb b to a large frighten& tragedies and other b to neutralize critical gues ), the truly significant events that actually deserved “members attention” at the time, is likely to be drastically lowered by importance and actual sum of crucial thoughts and consideration given by the individual. This also means that if a society experiences a lot of things being hyped daily, that they’re much more easily made to forget things that effectively in their best interest to remember and seek. There are also other things like cognitive dissonance going on, which regrettably affects almost everyone to some level, and that reverts some people to a more primitive state of mind which makes a person or group more reactive, following predictable& controllable patterns of logic or emotion.

Philosophy& sociology aside, let’s talk about a few red-flags that are more cement which I think we should all be reminded of( there is much more but in the interest of saving period i’ll keep it relatively short ). Snowden has already proven the existence of a gigantic digital& physical infrastructure that assembles very detailed information on more than a billion people in the world, including the general US population. It was, and is an illegal( unconstitutional) program as the US constitution overrules by default, any lower statutes/ programs that it conflicts with. They LIED about the existence of those programs in congress, under oath !. And then when we found out that it was very real, when the first leaks were released , nobody as much as went to jail for lying under oath, let alone conspiracy. Gen. Petraeus also devoted away national secrets for personal gains and got away with it( brushed off as a “scandal” ). Snowden shows the existence of an extrajudicial( illegal) entity within the intelligence agencies, and he gets burnt at the cross as a “traitor” … Something very fishy going on , no?

Banksters knowingly rigged and poisoned the markets& watched with great blis when the global economy was almost brought down, and some of’ em got insanely wealthy off of it ($ billions “free money” ), yet noone of significance get punished and no meaningful legislation is passed to further limit possible future traumata. But if you ask them, it’s the welfare recipient that’s actually their own problems to society. While they give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses! More than$ 700 Bil was given to the banksters IN ONE DAY( the total over the years is in the trillions) to bail them out, and precisely $ 0 was spent on bailing out any of the people who lost their homes and their lives because they were sold bad credit by those felons. Seem up how Iceland of all places managed the “economic crisis” in case you want to see what a government for the person or persons, by the people is supposed to do.

US Congress has already presented itself to side with money& power( they are bought- it’s an open secret ), even if it necessitates the people get at suffer. You can find clues to this virtually anywhere where a congressman or the US congress itself is involved. One of the biggest red flag to you people should have been when they sided( under Bush Jr 2nd word I believe) with the already too powerful firms over the already too weak& falsified US citizenry when CITIZENS-UNITED was so disgustingly made and passed into law, and billion dollar corporate entities &$ Trill multi-nationals became legal persons having all of the rights of the individual … effectively putting the “regular Joe” and, tell, McDonald’s or Lockheed-Martin in the same arena. One quick side note: TPP and the many differences of it will create firms above even nation entities in special courts. This would make it possible for a company to sue( and bankrupt) an entire nation.

And as for the Executive branch, Presidents have for long promised and said one thing, and done another, because before they are chairwoman they don’t know that being chairperson doesn’t mean you truly rule/ leading and get to do what you want( in the 2nd word MAYBE some things ). It means you are a very high level power-broker between the families& corporations and all sorts of various types of structures within the government itself and other groups of strong influence( national ). Chairwomen have always serviced both the needs of the elite( the super-wealthy ), national interests and that of the general population, but over the past 30 to 40 years that all seems to have drastically changed.

The rest of the world has felt the evil of corporate avarice and influence via US( and other) foreign policy and warfare for decades now. And lives don’t matter to them. To me it seems that the military-industrial apparatus is in the process of also aiming inwards at the US population. I’ve find this change happening in the last 10 or so years in different layers of the organizations of the system. intel dronings over US are becoming a thing. The purchase of the millions of rounds of ammo by internal services happened a few years ago( now we can see why ), parliament like the PATRIOT-ACT and NDAA authorise& make it “legal” to activate an emergency-response that will result in an absolute martial law in the event of ANY “crisis”, anywhere in the world; with the POTUS, director of FEMA or DHS in charge of the governmental forces. <– the flashpoint of all of this dramatic change towards a security-state is 9/11 by the way. without that event, none of this could have ever been shoved down the throats of the people of the united states (and the rest of the world).

Police-shootings are becoming either more common, or the media is over-exposing them (compared to the past) in order to greaten the divide, to breed tensions and disdain among the population and all the different classes, so that the anger and dissatisfaction that people have is aimed between themselves if shit ever gets to hits the fan. Internationally, I’m afraid is just more bad news; most notably is the worsening of tensions between the US, Russia & China, and the increase in tensions in the M.E. I don’t care what a person believes in politically and in what type of labels he views the world, a nuclear showdown is the equivalent of putting a gun to your temple and pulling the trigger. Only billions of people will die, and civilization as we know it will end and the survivors (if there are any) will have the great prospect of a new middle-ages to live through (this time with radiation and mutants and perhaps a new ice age).

Do I believe we’re all gonna die in a nuclear hellhole? I’d like to think not, but let’s just say Trump running things at the white-house doesn’t inspire any confidence.i> >?

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