All mods are on recess for an internal discussion – We are not /r/politics or any other bullshit sub. Keep yourselves together – dont over-react. the goal is to have a place for core /r/conspiracy – this is a unilateral action by me /u/sarah_connor: read below


it is desirable to have a myriad of believed in such an/ r/

That has always been my desire/ goal

All ideas are welcome – it would otherwise be like going to a gym that merely permitted “arm day” — but if you never had “leg day” what would you have to stand on…

regardless of all the bullshit – I personally tried to get posts around a number of topics where I did not emit edicts. I tried to get consensus — that failed.

Too many parties are interested in this topic surface area …

Fuck all of them.

This will cause drama.


All mods are on pause – and to add to the drama; I will be slow to respond.

Take a breathe – deal with it. We all have lives — outside of Reddit. This is not a post which will ask you to agree with me.

Conspiracy will be taking a time off from a few things for the next few days … expect that your posts shall get dismissed/ removed/ whatever – but we need to resolve mod issues, which, are around permitting the fact that we do not agree; which is as it should be. If “were in” homogeneous that would be opposite f our charter.

take the following 😛 TAGEND


This shall thus be the foundation of this/ r/

Fuck politics.


This will blow; but seriously – mod bias is not cool brigading, trolling, blah blah blah we all know, is not cool.

We are literally a sub for / r/ conspiracy – the topic surface area for such is HUGE … you cannot mod/ participate if youre incapable of holding an idea in your head without judgement.

Politics is polarizing – Be above all that should tie you down.

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