I asked /r/exmuslim what the Arab Spring was like to live through – and the answer was absolutely terrifying.

Here was the answer:

From my experience, “its like” being Cassandra during and after the Trojan War. I knew this was disastrous and suspicious and wouldn’t objective well and was being orchestrated and egged on by Americans, and no one believed me until Libya burst into flames. And the Muslim Brotherhood had taken hold of Egypt.

So, yeah. It was a terrifying experience. 6 years later, I still have nightmares about the media circus and the lies Obama and Clinton shat out about President Mubarak and the’ revolution’ they staged in Egypt to hand us over to Hillary’s chums, the Brotherhood.

I still recollect bombs running off in streets near me, everyone running off the rails once the incarcerates were opened and emptied in one night. Girls get gang-raped in Tahrir Square, people fading and get run over by vehicles, foreign workers and residents fleeing by the thousands, schools shutting down. School buses of private organizations being kidnapped whole and held during ransom. All the men in my square sitting watch during the night with weapons to protect their constructs, gunshots and screamings at 3 in the morning, airports shutting down, the security forces vanishing and then the army coming in with tanks to keep us safe.

Arab Spring my fucking ass, lots of us were North African and our lands were set on figurative and literal flame and our economies are beyond repair.


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