I apologize, but some of you guys need to get your shit together. We have people on here that still don't know that the primaries/election is rigged so that it's a phony contest between two "preselected" puppets. Many of you don't know the symbolism, or the existence of a New World Order either.

We need to get on the same fucking page. I don’t mean to sound like a sick but it’s amateur hour here. I feel like a solid 30 -4 0% of you( not counting shills who spread disinfo ), don’t even understand the basic fundamentals of “The conspiracy”, and how the elite and social technologists operate.

Some of you still guess certain mainstream media’s are trustworthy, and a lot of you are always debating the stupid mainstream political theatrics, and stimulating the beach all over the net backward and forward, just like they want you to.

Some of you are still caught up in the two party system, and even worse a good segment of you don’t even care that there is an evil group trying to subvert our civil liberty, and wallow in your depres and pessimistic posture of things.

“They’re too powerful bro, there’s no use”

Yea? Then get the fuck out of here and cease dragging the rest of us down who know our shit and expressed the wish to reversal the effect this cancerous cabal has on our beautiful planet.

Learn the fundamentals of how these people operate for Christ sake. Please. I want you to awaken and be your very best and we need you. We need to kick it up like 50 notches folks. I never ensure such division and cluelessness in a sub like this where I expected everyone to be on the same page.

Watch this if you feel unsure of what we’re talking about

https :// uIH4jUIK 5zs

TPTB= The powers that be

MSM= Mainstream Media

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