The Conspiracy of Beauty

Edit: It’s kind of funny I write about reptilians and crap, but this post seems to get attacked.

Have you ever met a secure girls? Chances are if you have, it is not any woman 35 or younger.

This is going to sound clichA( c ), but I feel the perspective is important. Growing up, I was bombarded by a multitude of sources saying I would never be good enough. No matter what I did, I would never ever be pretty enough. I was a teenager in the 2000 s( I’m 27 now ), so I was right in the middle of the social media transformation. Even before social media, though, there were plenty of things to construct me feel insecure. Our media programmed me and my friends and basically every girl I ever knew to detest themselves. When I look back, I was never ugly. In fact, I was quite pretty. So why was the entire world telling me the opposite?

Perhaps that is a normal part of growing up, but something tells me there is all something deeper to this. What worries me more than ever is what is happening to daughters today. I guessed I had it bad…


We all like to gag about them, but selfies are warping people’s minds, especially young girls. I have to expend a lot of period around teenage daughters since I am a teacher. Gone are the days when girls hang out and talk. I am not lying or exaggerating when I say any moment they have is expend taking selfies, browsing selfies on social media, and then taking more selfies. Survey show that these selfies are really linked with low self-esteem 😛 TAGEND

http :// 2016/10/ 24/ health/ selfie-self-esteem-trend/ index.html

For one, selfies give people a false perception of themselves. Almost no one appears as good in real life as they do in a selfie. The filters and apps create a style for people to literally transform their entire images, from face-thinning tools to apps that make your eyes look bigger. There is a never-ending render of apps telling you are not beautiful enough. When I was a teen, I’d take pictures with my friends and not think twice. Now, one expends hours from thousands of slants to find that perfect shot for the most likes possible.

There is this strange juxtaposition between complete narcissism and virtually no self-esteem. Our adolescents are growing up to see every flaw in themselves, and they simultaneously cannot stop obsessing over their images.

Only Beauty Matters

A few years ago, I made a post on a feminism sub( I was a different person then ). I asked, “Why is feminism merely about beauty? ” I got downvoted like crazy, of course, but I asked why we could not curb feminism to be more about our inner values. In fact, isn’t it okay for a woman to be ugly? Wouldn’t it be better to say not ALL girls are beautiful, but beauty doesn’t actually matter? What matters is who we are currently in the inside….right? They didn’t like that.

In the years since, the body positivity movement has explosion. First and foremost, I think this movement is inherently flawed for many reasons. I am going to go beyond the health argument, and I am going to say that this movement is promoting the incorrect concepts. Again, there is this huge emphasis on beauty, and “youve never” hear about women without being linked to beauty. So, in their efforts to empower women, all these feminists are genuinely saying that a girls should sit their preoccupied with beauty – not health , not intelligence , not kindness. Is it no wonder girls are unhappier than ever?

https :// commentisfree/ 2009/ jul/ 26/ women-wellbeing-unhappiness

Does anybody consider the irony in any of this?

Beauty and Beyond

Today, more than ever, girls are losing a grip on reality, and body dysmorphia is a real issue , not just a “first world problem” 😛 TAGEND

http :// news/ health-3 3190297

I admit that I love makeup, being “feminine”, and appearing pretty. However, when looking at beauty products today, I am nearly overwhelmed. I know beauty products have always existed, but the style we assure beauty has transformed. I was watching a makeup tutorial from the 60 s and 70 s, and the phase of makeup was to highlight your best features but stay “natural.” Today you can literally contour the entire shape of your face into an entirely new face. You can become an entirely different person through fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and even plastic surgery. I do not know how many things I have read about humen feeling betrayed after a females takes off all of her “stuff.” Person in specific comments usually call the men assholes, but it is deceiving.

The thing is, I am not technically against beauty products. I use them myself. What I am against is the be thought that no matter what females do, they will never be good or beautiful enough – and no quantity of beauty products, selfies, and likes will validate them.

I also want to argue something. I think most women genuinely are beautiful. If females preserve a healthy weight, take care of themselves, and maybe dress nicely and accentuate their best features, I believe that is really all they need.

Of course, though, this affects humen, too. When humen are merely insuring images of women at their best and altogether done up all of the time( in the media and porn ), then they too either consciously or unconsciously start to expect girls to really look like those images. Even in the publications where the government had celebrities “not wearing makeup”, well they are wearing makeup 99% of the time.

There are really no realistic standards of women’s beauty, and women’s intellects begin to warp.

So, What’s the Conspiracy ?

To me this is all intentional, and, there are reasons for this type of programming.

1) When a girls can never feel good about herself, how can she find a proper relationship? This also impacts sexuality. So many women I know won’t have sex with the lightings on because they are so ashamed of themselves. They won’t take off their shirts in bed. Instead of all of this beauty bombardment empowering women, it actually builds them feel weaker and more insecure. While there are many factors that have contributed to the decline of matrimony, I truly believe that feminism is one of them.

http :// article /8 6562909 3/ US-marriage-rate-hits-new-low-and-may-continue-to-decline.html

( Decline of matrimony article)

Feminism is telling women to focus on vapid things – not on transforming one’s inner self. Feminism is telling women to feel great about themselves all of the time no matter what – they are beautiful and they are great and every man should love them! At the same period, the media is subtely telling girls they can never be good enough, and the only style to feel better is to buy a specific product.

Sometimes I peek at my friends as they browse their phones. They spend hours looking at images of other women, comparing themselves endlessly. Instead of using the power of technology to read or learn something, they are expend obsessing on meaningless, fleeting things.

While I do not inevitably agree with all the viewpoints of the Men Going Their Own Way( MGTOW) motion, is it any amaze that men do not want to fall into a relationship with these types of women?

https :// en_us/ article/ 7bdwyx/ inside-the-global-collective-of-straight-male-separatists

I know this post was not specifically about feminism, but to me there is no way to divide feminism and beauty anymore. Anyway, secure girls make for good relationships. Insecure, image-obsessed females do not. How can a human love a woman who is only in love with herself? Or rather, how can a man love a woman who secretly detests herself?

MK Ultra Programming

Since this is a conspiracy sub, we should get to the deeper conspiracy. Mk Ultra isn’t just for crazy celebrities. I believe the programming is inherently built into television programming and other forms of media.

Beta sex kitten programming is part of this mk ultra, and I feel it is directly intertwined with media for young girls intentionally.

“Beta is referred to as asexuala programming( slaves ). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. aCata alters may come out at this level. Known as Kitten programming, it is the most visible kind of programming as some female celebrities, models, actresses and singers have been subjected to this kind of programming. In popular culture, garb with feline publishes often signify Kitten programming.”

http :// www.nicholson1 968. com/ nicholson1 968 s-post/ sex-kitten-programming-occult-symbolism-katy-perry

A woman’s identity becomes altogether intertwined with her sexual identity. Nothing else matters but validating her sex appetite, constructing her a slave to her own desires.

Sex positivity is strong on Reddit, where every aspect of sex is seen as inherently good. “Slut-shaming” is a terrible thing, and women should feel proud for “empowering” themselves through sex. Again, this is always masqueraded as a style to uplift girls, but in reality they are broken down further.

More women are sex positive and hooking up, but is that going against their natural instincts? This article explains why females really do get attached after sex 😛 TAGEND

http :// females/ oxytocin-science-makes-harder-women-casual-sex /

And well, isn’t attachment part of building long-term relationships? Attachment is not inherently a bad thing, but women are being told that they should exist in a world where love and sexuality do not need to coexist.

Sex becomes the primary goal of a woman’s life, and she tries to validate her existence that route.

The programming is in the media, by the way. Think of all the television indicates where they have normalized having hundreds of sex partners. That is normal, right?

I always go back to Brave New World, but it is startingly accurate of what our society is or is in the process of becoming.

You can’t eat much if you sit still and read books .


I wrote this because I had a student this year who came to me. She asked me why God built her fat and ugly. She is in the 8th grade, and she has already had numerous partners( gossip spreads ). She is addicted to snapchat and constantly taking selfies. She wants nothing more than to feeling beautiful and validated.

She is beautiful, but she will never see that. But even if she wasn’t, isn’t that OK, too? I told her she was beautiful, but I also told her she needed to find different role models than Kim Kardashian. I told her about her other great qualities and how she can build them throughout her life. I tried to serve as a role model myself.

But what’s sad is that I look in the mirror, even now, and I watch everything’ incorrect’ with me. I then snap out of my programming and is understood that I am beautiful, and even if I was not, there is more to life. I am 27 years old and it is taking a lot to violate the programming that told me I could never be good enough.

‘They’ want women to feel this style. They want them to be distracted by materialism, consumerism, and vanity – not anything deeper or spiritual.

Whether you are religion or not, this poem is telling.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised( Proverbs 31:30)

We have women focusing on the fleetingness of beauty , not their inner-selves.

It is not surprising that analyses show that women tend to be more spiritual than men 😛 TAGEND

https :// blog/ the-secular-life/ 201409/ why-are-women-more-religious-men

So’ they’ must pervert that in the end.

As always it takes me along time to write these posts. Please don’t downvote because you disgree, but instead let’s discuss!

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