Washington Monument hit during 9/11?

I was going through Wikileaks’ 9/11 Pager intercepts and ran across some curiosities.

There surely was a lot of conflicting reports about “whats going on”( like the supposed’ car-bombing outside the state department’ – which was both corroborated and denied by department officials) – but the one that really got me was reports by a FEMA staff member that the Washington Monument hard hit.

2001-09-11 10:21: 33 Skytel[ 00391413 2] B ALPHA Kristina.Miles@ fema. gov || washington monument has been hit. -kristina

It was also reported by someone else: P TAGEND

2001 -0 9-11 10:19: 18 Arch[ 0951878] B ALPHA Fred, “Red Alert”. Capital and Washington Monument also aledgely made. All govenment employees in Washington sent hom[ sic ]

There is only one piece of footage I could find that demonstrated something happening at the Washington Monument, in this( terribly edited) video.

It was filmed during the morning in Washington directly after the explosion at the pentagon, and indicates an extremely brief shooting of the monument, with what looks like a plume of smoking puffing out the side of it. It was supposedly taken by BBC world news and aired during an afternoon update.

I saw the original footage of that moment, but it’s the footage that was aired during the course of its morning, and the beginning of the shooting with the monument in it, is not shown: https :// 01 KxvTo_9HA? t= 5424@ 1.30.24

The same footage was aired again, apparently in the afternoon at 5:04 pm, and contains the very beginning of the shooting. I know this is the same shot, due to the shape of the smoking coming from the pentagon.

Can anyone find the original BBC footage from that afternoon, that still shows the Washington Monument ?

EDIT: The only other place I could find anyone even mentioning this online was this, instead unhelpful, video( still frames … genuinely ?).

However according to the video, there is footage of a human outside the pentagon talking to a reporter who was “interrupted by another guy that said the Washington Monument was hit”.

The video seems to suggest that this guy might be the person or persons, but it’s not very clear.

Has anyone insured an interview with this guy before? Do the street behind him even look like DC, or more like New York?

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