The ring in the Lord of the Rings is a perfect representation of money. It corrupts most people and it gives the evil forces their power. The destruction of the ring (money) brings about the destruction of the evil forces (Illuminati). Eye of Horus is the Eye on the dollar bill.

Money= The Ring

Illuminati controls the ring. They make money with the Federal Reserve and control the flow of money so that it always ricochets back to them.

Only a few people can withstand the corruption of massive wealth. The innocent hobbit of LOTR was chosen to hold onto the ring and it nearly devalued him.

No matter what we do, we can’t control the corruption that is caused by fund or any form of trade. The only solution is a gifting economy which would lead to a much more lavish lifestyle for the masses. The only economic model that exists for this is called Sacred Economics determined here 😛 TAGEND

https :// watch? v= EEZkQv2 5uEs

Eliminating fund would eliminate 😛 TAGEND

The Illuminati power. If money is power then the Illuminati will always come out on top.

Drug cartels and gangs would not longer have a reason to exist.

Politicians could no longer be bought off.

No more recessions or depessions.

No more bills.

No more banks or bankers.

No more worry about fiscal steal.

No more homelessness.

No more wars for profit.

No more suffering for profit schemes( IE killing off homeopathic doctors who offer inexpensive, healthy alternatives to barbaric hospital care ).

No more drastic inequality. We would all be on the same page.

No more fiscal onus.

No more absence of jobs. Anyone can do anything. We can’t do anything we want with money as not everything is profitable( IE making street art or finding homes for homeless people ). Eliminating money would open up the market so anyone can work anything. Also, the immoral chores would no longer be beneficial so people would have no reason to do them anymore.

No more 20 trillion dollar government debts.

No more top-down bondage.

Much less overall corruption.

No more starvation.

No more cabal hoarding our wealth and resources.

No more marrying people for fund.

No more endless advertisings manipulating people to buy every product in existence.

No more taxes.

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